Learning Woodworking

How I Started Learning Woodworking

I’m not a professional. I originally started learning woodworking back in the early seventies in high school. My school offered classes in industrial arts, metals shop, auto shop, electrical, and wood shop. I took all of them. At the time, I never saw myself doing this as a regular hobby or passion.

My woodworking ended after high school. I picked it back up again in 2020. COVID was raging and I decided I would use the lockdown time to my advantage and a need presented itself.

YouTube is a phenomenal place to start learning. There are thousands of YouTube videos on learning woodworking you can learn from.

With a YouTube search I started watching videos on how to do certain projects and figuring out what tools I would need.

My First Woodworking Project

My passion for learning woodworking was ignited by the need (my wife) to build a patio pub table and six chairs. We just couldn’t find any sets at the big box stores that were of significant quality and all were overpriced. I decided I wood (pun intended) check out some how-to videos on YouTube. I found several designs with detailed build instructions.

With the purchase of a Harbor Freight Hercules jobsite saw for $349 and about $250 in lumber and supplies, my journey back into learning woodworking began. My satisfaction with the results spurned me on to do more projects with greater complexity and improved results. #notsponsored

learning-woodworking-1 Learning Woodworking
learning-woodworking-2-1 Learning Woodworking
learning-woodworking-3 Learning Woodworking

From here on out, I will facilitate your learning woodworking by providing insights as to what some basic tool requirements would be and advice on some different brands. We will start with the basics like doing proper measurements and cutting and tool selection.

Other topics include basic joinery techniques that don’t require advanced skills or tools. You can do these with a drill and wood glue or stapler. Plus, there’s plenty more to discover as I share what I’ve learned, bridging the gap from where I started to where I am now.

Stay tuned!

Jim Graf

I started with ZERO tools a few years back. I've learned a lot and built skills and confidence to do most any project. With this site, I'd like to share and empower others to take up woodworking and build their skill level and confidence, too. Anyone can do this!

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